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1976 GT Gary Turner

1976 GT Gary Turner

Riders Ready, Pedals Ready

Early pre-GT. The infamous “Pedals Ready” GT. I was making my usual swap meet rounds and I ran into a bmx friend who always has a spot setup. I was inquiring about an "81" GT (Jan) he had for sale. The next thing you know he mentioned he had this at the house and I had to have it. He picked it up from a gentleman who had it for several years. The seat post mass has been cut and there is an indentation on bottom bracket. I don’t think it will effect the hardware at all. Other than that the frame is very well taken care of. Truth is this frame could of had a thousand dents, cracks and cuts and I would still hang it proudly in my living room lol. I can’t wait to take it to Gary Turner to get his input. 

Update: Nov 1, 2018 I had the legend himself Gary Turner verify the frame and learned more about them along with his son Craig Turner. A day to remember 

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