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2007 GM Designs Greg Melms TL26

2007 GM Designs Greg Melms TL26

Super Custom Prototype

Here is the info I got from Greg, (THIS IS NOT MY BIKE)

Hi Gary,

            Thanks a lot! I’d be flattered to have my bike in your museum!

            I recently had the bike shot in the studio. I will be receiving those pics this Friday. Let me send you a bunch of original photos you can resize for your site.


You know, I recently found the BMX Museum too! You have a great site that is a wealth of information that brings back many memories for me. I raced BMX from the late 70’s and free styled until 84’.

 JMCs and GTs were my rides; I never had a Skyway TA although I wanted one!   


The cream bike was designed & built entirely by me as an experiment and to have fun building my own frame and fork. After building my 24” Tonic Fall Guy last year, this was my attempt at designing a 26” bike specifically for park and street riding. I wanted the bike be a mix of old school styling and modern technology. The way Jim Melton might build a bike today.  


Here's a list of the details of my 26" Bike:

  •  Hidden seat post clamping system in the top tube
  •  Internal brake hose routing with Hope hydraulic disc brake caliper tucked neatly out of harms way
  •  Threaded rear drop-outs that accept custom threaded pegs.
  •  Integrated headset with custom made top bearing cap that doubles as a stem spacer.
  •  Modified Profile HIP stem to use a flush top cap that adjusts from uner the fork crown.
  • Custom made fork featuring streamline tubing. The custom dropouts for retaining the 20mm thru-axle have a JMC flavor only in a 3D design, smooth crown to head tube interface for a clean look.
  • Custom leather and suede McNeil seat with custom made chrome seat trim rail and nose cap.
  • Polished / Grained Atomlab stainless steel handlebars
Darn-near custom parts that are worthy of honorable mention:


  I  have more streamline tubing. I am planning on making some 20” & 24” retro style forks just like the old JMCs. I have made the dies and am in the process of fine tuning the forming procedure. This is a winter project. My fabrication business ( keeps me plenty busy!


Landon and I have become friends even though we are halfway across the country.  I found him and the Tonic Fall Guy frame when I was looking to get back into riding after 23 years. Of course I had to modify my Fall Guy frame too. I’ll send you some pics of that bike as well.


My apologies for the long winded response.




Thanks again,

Greg Melms

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