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GM Designs Greg Melms(2005–2008)

A person who decided to build his own bikes, with the help of Tonic Fab designs. AMAZING results.

He designs much more then just bicycles, check them out here:

Email from Greg Melms:

"Hi GAry,

            Thanks a lot! I be flattered to have my bike in your museum!

You know, I recently found the BMXMuseum too! You have a great site that is a wealth of information that brings back many memories for me. I raced BMX from the late 70's & free styled until 1984.

JMCs & GTs were my rides; I never had a Skyway T/A although I wanted one!   

 The cream bike was designed & built entirely by me as an experiment and to have fun building my own frame & fork. After building my 24 Tonic Fall Guy last year, this was my attempt at designing a 26 bike specifically for park & street riding. I wanted the bike be a mix of old school styling & modern technology. The way Jim Melton might build a bike today.  

 Here's a list of the details of my 26" Bike:

  •  Hidden seat post clamping system in the top tube
  •  Internal brake hose routing with Hope hydraulic disc brake caliper tucked neatly out of harms way
  •  Threaded rear drop-outs that accept custom threaded pegs.
  •  Integrated headset with custom made top bearing cap that doubles as a stem spacer.
  •  Modified Profile HIP stem to use a flush top cap that adjusts from uner the fork crown.
  • Custom made fork featuring streamline tubing. The custom dropouts for retaining the 20mm thru-axle have a JMC flavor only in a 3D design, smooth crown to head tube interface for a clean look.
  • Custom leather and suede McNeil seat with custom made chrome seat trim rail & nose cap.
  • Polished / Grained Atomlab stainless steel handlebars

Darn-near custom parts that are worthy of honorable mention:

 I  have more streamline tubing. I am planning on making some 20'' & 24'' retro style forks just like the old JMCs. I have made the dies & Iam in the process of fine tuning the forming procedure. This is a winter project. My fabrication business ( keeps me plenty busy!

 Landon & I have become friends even though we are halfway across the country.  I found him & the Tonic Fall Guy frame when I was looking to get back into riding after 23 years. Of course I had to modify my Fall Guy frame too. 

My apologies for the long winded response.

 Thanks again,

Greg Melms"

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