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1984 GJS Freestyler

1984 GJS Freestyler

GJS Freestyler, with a VDC Freestyler fork, and all kinds of my favorite parts from 1982-1986.

Here's a breakdown:

Frame : 1984 GJS Freestyle frame (OG chrome - OG/NOS/mix decals)

Fork : VDC Freestyle Fork (OG Chrome)

Bars : Woody Itson (Hutch) bars (OG Chrome and Decals) / changed to VDC Woody bars in 2018

Seatpost: Hutch Pro Racer (OG Chrome + Decal)

Cranks: Profile 3rd Gen

Spider: Sugino MX-A5 Alloy-Chrome

Chainring: Sugino 44t - Alloy-Chrome

Pedals: Shimano DX

Seat: Elina

Seatclamp: Hutch

Chain: KMC Nickel

Stem: Hutch Western

Headset- TANGE/SEIKI LP-300 + MX-2 Combo

Detangler: 1st Gen Odyssey Gyro

Brake Cables: 1st Gen Odyssey

Brake Calipers:  DiaCompe 883 Nippons

Brake Levers: Dia Compe "Tech 5" - OG Chrome

Brake Pads:  Dia Compe

Grips: AME CAM (original)

Hubs: GT Sealed Superlace - internal Lace pattern (intentional)

Rims: UKAI Speedline (original chrome)

Tires: Comp "Stadium" Mitsuboshi - Early Label  (changed out for rider snakebellies in 2016)


I bought this frame years ago — fork less — so I sat on the project for a while - knowing GJS forks were never going to surface. Finding the VDC fork is what really made this all happen. I'm still in awe that I have it.

Since I had so much time to ponder this build... waiting for the right fork - Everything kind of fell into place for my "chrome" vision. I'm actually super stoked with some of the small details - like the Sugino A-5 spider (which aren't often used). I like how the graphic design of the spider goes so well with the other parts. A sign of early 80's design trends I guess. The use of black line trim on the MX-A5 spider is SO similar to the GJS graphics, tattered Hutch Pro seatpost coin - and the VDC decals. - even kind of mimics the cables. it's like all these weird parts were somehow meant for each other.

Having never ridden or seen one in person back in the 80's, it's surreal that I even have this bike, and combination of parts. I often ride this bike around town (with a rider set of tires of course :) ).... and I have to say - it handles really well. Tons of freestyle flare, with great classic mid-80s angles, and that token aggressive GJS geometry.

Enjoy :)

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: GJS
  • Model: Freestyler
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details