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1978 GJS A Frame

1978 GJS A Frame

This is a pre-serial number GJS A-Frame.

This is a 1st gen GJS A-Frame (no serial number or no brace on the brake bride).

Everything on the bike is original finish with original decals. 

Purchased from the original owner.  Frame and forks were always together. 

Frame: 1978 GJS A-Frame
Fork: TANGE TX-500
Bars: RACE INC. Chromoly
Grips: OAKLEY 1
Headset: TANGE MX
Rims: ARAYA 7B (1st gen)
Hubs: PHIL WOOD (1st gen)
Tires: MITSUBOSHI Silver Star Comp II (fat/skinny)
Brake Calipers: SHIMANO Tourney
Lever: SHIMANO 'Charlie Narley' TEAM LEVER 'Trickery' (black sleeve)
Brake Shoes: MATTHAUSER (finned)
Seat: ELINA Super Pro (leather)
Post: RACE INC. Chromoly
Seatclamp: POWERLITE PL-1
Cranks: TAKAGI MX (1st gen)
Pedals: KKT Rat Trap
Spider: PHIL WOOD 130bcd
Chain: D.I.D.
Chainring: SHIMANO 
Chainring Bolts: SHIMANO
Freewheel: SHIMANO 333

Submitted by TrulyOdd

  • Race
  • Company: GJS
  • Model: A Frame
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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