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1980 GJS A Frame

1980 GJS A Frame

1980 GJS

 100 percent all original finish on everything. All parts are original 80's parts and are era correct. Absolutely no reproduction / reissued parts. 

 Growing up in a small town outside of Dayton , no one around had a GJS . The only ones I ever seen were in BMX Plus Magazines . 
 A few years back I saw this frame and fork come up for sale. I had a vision in my head of what it woukd look like if it were built based off the color scheme of the decals. ( Orange with Blue on Chrome ) . 
  Many of you may be wondering about the K&G stem. Well here is a brief  History lesson. The Stem was made in 1979 by Charlie Danishek. He made a few stem for a local Bike Shop in Kettering Ohio, .K& G Bike Center . Charlie then  decide to make more for himself and changed the engraving from K&G to DK. 
 I spoke with a DK employee and he told me that there were  less than  TEN  K&G 6 bolts ever made. This one is in DEAD MINT condition . 
 The ORANGE  Mitsuboshi Competition tires are almost as rare as the stem . I have only seen a handful ever come up for sale. 
The first gen. Redline cranks are also a hard find. This set is also in excellent condition. 
Now that I am finished with this project it is time for someone else to enjoy. This outstanding example of early BMX will be for sale soon.  

Submitted by allen

  • Race
  • Company: GJS
  • Model: A Frame
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details GJS f&f Redline cranks pre DK stem (prototype) SE wing bars A'me grips Uni Hammerhead seat Bullseye hubs UKAI 7c rims Comp II tires Uni Number plate Dia-Compe breaks

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