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1982 Giant

1982 Giant

Rebirth of the Survivor...

This bike actually is chromed, but the finishing is not shine anymore... The OGK wheels is still good, but the axle is totally rusted. Headset and b.b was jammed. It was my uncle bike for 26 years! A couple of last years with him, this bike was chained to fence, exposed to the elements. I bought from him on May 2nd 2011 (Yes, I buy it. He seems like wont be separated with this bike. It only be mine after I pay the amount he pay to the shop back on 1985!)  then start hunting for parts... When I think I'm ready to rebuild it, I found this black Skyway EZ bars... I knew this is my colour scheme.. Sent to plating shop to remove the chrome, then paint shop for Pearl Black finish and 2K lacquer... Absolute shine! Yesterday I put everything on it, and ride to show off to my BMXer friend....

Only f/f and mag is original from bike, stem from my old bmx, others NOS parts.. From local shop and e-bay..
-Sugino GT crank and b.b
-Shimano graphite pedals
-Yaban chrome chain
-Shimano 16T freewheel
-Tange grip
-Skyway EZ bars
-SR stem (bad red anodized, then painted it)
-Odyssey sealed headset
-Old school seat (unknown, from Italy)
-Kuwahara Laserpost
-Odyssey seat clamp
-Dia compe MX901 caliper with Dia Compe 883 lever
-Duro Infection 1.95 tires

Submitted by turbojigger