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1984 GHP Trix

1984 GHP Trix

Another rare, early freestyler!

This is another one of those early freestyle bikes many didn't have an appreciation for.  At first glance, it really doesn't look like anything real that special.  The deeper you look at it, you'll see the subtleties of its race origin into a freestyler. GHP did a great job for their introduction into the world of freestyle.  


Here's a breakdown of its build:

Frame / Fork: GHP Trix – restored chrome / reproduction stickers

Handlebars: Vector Unlimited Freestyle – original chrome

Stem: DK Freestyle – NOS, prior to building

Grips: A'me Tri's - NOS, prior to building

Headset: Tioga w/ DK clamp – NOS, prior to building

Wheels: ACS Z-rims – NOS parts, prior to building

Tires: GT - 1.75's - Front and Rear NOS, prior to building

Brakes: Lee Chi – Front and Rear – NOS, prior to building

Levers: Lee Chi - Locking - NOS, prior to building

Cable: Generic - front - NOS, prior to building

Pedals: MKS Graphite 2000 –  NOS, prior to building

Crank: Sugino Cro-mo - 1-piece – used

Chainring: Tioga Compact Disk Chainring –  NOS, prior to building

Freewheel: Suntour – 16T – NOS

Seat: Viscount Dominator – NOS, prior to building

Seat Post: GT - Laid-back – 4130 Cro-mo – used

Seat Post Clamp: DK Freestyle Platform – NOS, prior to building

Submitted by radmeon

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: GHP
  • Model: Trix
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"