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2010 GHP Expert XL

2010 GHP Expert XL

2010 GHP Expert XL

A kid on my bike team met a family at the pump track and gave them my name since he knew that I sometimes refurbish bikes and sell them cheap. After contacting me and asking if I had anything I was working on that would fit a 10 year old and be around $200, I went searching the local market for anything that might work. 

I reached out to a friend that I had bought a nice 2014 GHP Pro XL frame from about six months ago. He didn’t have the Intense expert that was in his for sale post, but he did have this GHP that he was willing to sell. He also let me know how much he regretted selling the Pro XL.

My wheels started spinning, and I figured out that I could trade back the GHP frame plus a set of Answer forks I had picked up, get the complete GHP and clean it up a bit, and probably sell it to the kid wanting his first BMX bike for right around their budget.

I ended up doing a lot of scrubbing to get some nasty tar off the frame as well as some stickers that just didn’t work for me and brought the white back out to bright.  I swapped out the bars and stem for something that worked better, cleaned up the wheels and put them on the truing stand, and replaced the v-brakes, brake cable, tubes, chain, and grips. I also found that the headset was missing a race which had destroyed the bottom sealed bearing, so I found a replacement bearing and race.

I think it turned out really nice. I stayed close enough to the budget, my buddy got his frame back and some extras, and best of all a kid got his first BMX to ride at the pump track and even wants to check out the local BMX Racing League. For me, I sold another bike that I wasn’t really using, and I was able to squeak out a small profit on it for my effort. This one was a win, win, win all around!
  • Race
  • Company: GHP
  • Model: Expert XL
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 20
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"