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1987 General Hustler Pro

1987 General Hustler Pro

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Back in 1987, I needed a new bike, I had some old beat up Huffy. One evening my Dad came walking in the house with this General Hustler Pro. I've been the sole owner ever since.   It was well ridden when I was a kid, but somehow survived in my Mom's garage all these years. It's missing the rear pegs, and I've been cleaning the paint off the seat post. ( Seemed like a good Idea 25 years ago).  

The only non original parts are the GT Tires, Tubes, Brake levers and lines, Brake shoes, and the chain. There are ODI Mushroom grips on it also.   Alot of people ask if its for sale, I've have it 30 years now, and I plan on keeping it 30+ more :) 

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