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1988 General Osborn Pro

1988 General Osborn Pro

Nos 88 Osborn Pro STOLEN!!!

Everything on this build is nos or new except the crank arms, the 990 and the wheels. I sanded down the sidewalls of the wheels to give it a satin look and had them relaced with new spokes. The 990, i bought it polished to perfection. These are the nicest peregrine cranks ive owned. It took me years to find all these nos parts. I really didnt know which General build to use em for so i decided to go all out for the build off. i picked this f/f up a while back. i was told it was an unused f/f from the team that was left behind. it also came with some gear that i gifted to a fellow member/ friend and big fan of RL Osborn, BMX_DNA. 

Link to his build

Check out page 12 !

i just finished completing this for the build off

Parts list

Nos F/F
Nos Peregrine Q Bars 1.5s
Nos ACS 55 Stem
Nos ACS Pro Rotor
Nos Ame Tris
Nos MKS Grafights
Nos Peregrine Disc
Nos Peregrine Seat
Nos Peregrine Micro Adjust Post
Nos Peregrine Seatclamp
Nos Peregrine Spindle
Nos Dia Compe Tech 7s
Nos Dia Compe Nippon 
Nos Pegs
Nos 80s Cables
Nos 80s KMC Chain
Nos 80s Beartrap 2 Headset
OG Peregrine Cranks
Dia Compe AD 990 Polished
Pro Class V 48s (relaced)
New Odyssey Frequency Gs
New Tioga BB
New Flite Donuts 

A special thanks to Uggy and Chris from the Broken Spoke in Miami for lacing these wheels and the countless other times they have helped me out.

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