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1987 General Osborn Pro

1987 General Osborn Pro

One of my favorites

Back in the 80's, I had always wanted a white and chrome one and wanted to build one like R.L. had.  In '89, I got a bash guard Haro Master frame instead since it was on sale for $89 and the 87 and 88 Osborn Pro's were like $150 still.  Still have my Master but finally got this Osborn Pro.  It's put together like I would have back then...GT Mallet, Haro kneesavers, laidback post, AME grips, Tech 77's, and GT cranks and pedals with a Odyssey disc.  Found this generic chrome fork online for cheap and looks like a Spinner fork but is made by Cheng Shen.  Still have to put a chain on it so I can ride this baby.   Hope you enjoy.

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