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1988 General Osborn Pro

1988 General Osborn Pro

88 Osborn Pro STOLEN!!!

I want to thank everyone that helped make it possible especially backfromthedead for passing along the pedals before they even went out to him. and rphhotrods for the frameset and extras. ive spent some time collecting the parts to match the condition of the frame and fork. 

I was very particular with this build. I tried to use all nos parts but did cut some corners of course. Im stoked that i found a clean 2 sided peregrine disc and a nicely rechromed og post. 88 dated nos 990 and nos 88 cables. Posted a wtb and santao hooked me up with the perfect set of peregrine cranks for this build. The finishing touch was the peregrine bar ends. Just installed the rotor and cables. Took me a while to learn how to route the cables to the 990 but its finally complete. Just took some new recent pics 5/2017


osborn pro f/f og paint/decals [rpmhotrods]
osborn pro seatpost (rechromed)
nos jive grips 
nos dynamax seat 
nos ACS pro rotor [rpmhotrods] 
nos RL edge tires [numbersandletters]
nos dia compe ad990 (88) [schwinning1974]
nos mks grafight x [backfromthedead]
nos dc cables (88) 
nos pegs [BMX_DNA]
nos izumi 80s chain [skinnyboy]
nos tech 77s (japan) [equal]
nos dia compe nippon (88) [cowlitzfan]
nos peregrine bar ends
nos peregrine 1st gen q bars (1.5s) [rpmhotrods]
peregrine 1st gen cranks/bb [santao]
peregrine disc (2 sided) [vazquizzel]
peregrine clamp [rpmhotrods]
ACS RL edge wheels w/acs rl freecoaster [numbersandletters]
ACS 55 stem (polished) [rmphotrods]


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