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1987 General Hustler Pro

1987 General Hustler Pro

Original Mint Colorway Survivor Build

I this up mostly complete missing the wheels, bars, brakes, seat and post.  I sourced out the parts I wanted to use.  Some of which I already had. And put it together according to how I wanted it to turn out.  This is one of many of the Generals I own and look forward to adding to that collection.


OG Survivor RL Osborn Hustler Pro Frame, Fork, Stem, Crank, Pedals, Pegs and Chain wheel

Dia-Compe Nippon Front Caliper
ACS 860 Rear Caliper
White YO! 48 spoke Wheels
white Snake Belly tread tires 20x1.75
White Stylizer Bars
White/Mint Mushroom Grips
NOS YBN White/Chrome Chain
NOS Seat Lay Back Seat Post
Viscount Dynamax Seat