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1985 General Hustler Pro

1985 General Hustler Pro


I got this bike early on my BMX collecting days ( three years ago :)

It was, I would say, 80% covered in random stickers. I was so upset when I got it, that I left it in the box as it arrived.

It sat in my storage place for about 2 years. Then one day I decided to take the handlebars home and see if I could remove some of the stickers.

I was going to take the bars over to the auto paint store to get the color matched.  As I worked slowly with a hair dryer, the decals started to come off OK with little glue residue left on the paint. About an hour later I had the bars free of decals and  the paint was in great shape. All I did was polish and buff.

So, I removed the rest of the stickers on the whole bike and I ended up with a bike in great shape that didn't need new paint or decals.

The only OG decals missing are the ones in the forks, I am looking for those if anyone knows where I can get them.