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1989 General Osborn Pro

1989 General Osborn Pro

I bought this NOS Frame Fork and some NOS & Used parts at here , restore parts and use some NOS parts to rebuild again ...

1989 Osborn Pro Frame Fork
Peregrine Gen 1 Q Bar with Jive Grips and Peregrine end cap
Peregrine Gen 1 Crank with Peregrine 44T power disc and anlun seals BB set
Peregrine Super Pro Wheel , Peregrine Super Pro Seals Hubs and Peregrine HP Tires
Peregrine Seat Clamp
Anlun seat post
Domintor Viscount Seat
Nippon 883 Front brake caliber and rear AD990 brake caliber
ACS 55 Slant Stem and ACS Rotor with DC black cable
MKS Grafic X pedal
Tioga Beartrap headset

Submitted by devilfrankie

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