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1987 General Osborn Pro

1987 General Osborn Pro

Full-on OEM survivor, tweaked to resemble R.L.'s personal rig. [Sold.]

Bought this beautiful Factory Survivor from a Museum member years ago; completely stock, and in amazing condition (thanks Paul!).  Took my time tweaking it to resemble (sort of) the bike R.L. once rode - it's not a complete replica, but kind of.


I used quite a few NOS parts to assemble the bike to my liking, but kept all the original parts from the factory assembly, down to the cables, in case I ever wanted to reassemble her to OEM specs.  The only thing I did was have Chip rechrome the crank arms.

The first pic is of the bike in its original incarnation, the rest as she stands now.  Thought I'd finally list her.  I love red bikes...!  - Kevin