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1987 General Hustler Pro

1987 General Hustler Pro

Don't know much about this bike, that's why I'm here!!

So I got this from my cousin, who hasnt touched it since the late 80's. It looks almost new aside from the surface rust on the chrome parts, but the decals are still mint!  Gonna put some air in the tires tmw, see if I can remove the rust without damaging the chrome, and see how it rides!


 Not sure about this bike, so I was looking to find out some details about it.  Any info would be great, like is this one of the more common bikes, was it a good bike for what it was... are the parts on it stock or were they replaced at some point?  What could I do to upgrade it? I was also kinda curious how much it was worth when it was new, and how much they sell for these days.  I wanna paint the chainguard cuz its a weird color... would that add or devalue it? Where can I find some specs??


Take a look and let me know what you think!!




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