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1986 General Hustler Pro

1986 General Hustler Pro

Long sought after replacement for a bike stolen from my Childhood.

I have been searching for one of these for a long time. Just before X-Mas, I found a NOS on Craigslist. I held back because I needed to do some shopping for the holidays. When it was x-mas bonus time at work, I contacted the seller from Craigslist. He informed me it was sold. X-Mas eve I am sitting here talking with family, when I heard the familiar click of a freewheel. In comes my girlfriend rolling this bike into the living room. I was completely shocked, and glad that I did not delete the email correspondence with the seller from Craiglist. The bike had been sold, but sold to her! I do not plan on doing much to this bike. Removing the reflectors and chain guard, getting everything adjusted, and then some casual riding.

Submitted by c4ges

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