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1974 Littlejohn/Murphy

1974 Littlejohn/Murphy

Rare from the beginning of BMX

This is a replica of my first BMX bike I raced in 1975 at McClaren park in SFO. My original was stolen and for many years I searched for a frame to replicate it . Finally around 2008, I found one. It looked great but when the paint came off it was a mess. So after a bit of work and some Black powder coat I started the foundation. 1974 LJM frame, first gen Redline forks with original nickel. Simi motomag I rims. Ashtabula stamped gooseneck and non stamped 7-1/2 cranks with Rat Trap pedals. Mesinger seat with an AS Arnold Schwinn clamp keeping it in place. N.O.S Hunt Wilde hexagon grips, sitting on mongoose bars. These were tough to find. Bendix brake and Cheng Shin tires.

Submitted by dublsmuv

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