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1978 Gary Littlejohn Fireroad Cruiser 26

1978 Gary Littlejohn Fireroad Cruiser 26

26" Gary Littlejohn Fireroad cruiser in rare "friends and family" candy gold. All original finish and decals.

This was an incredible find. I bought this off a old bike shop in NH. The shop was the largest Gary Littlejohn shop on the east coast. John Littlejohn (gary's father) lived only 50 miles away. I was offered the frame years ago and passed on it as I was dumb at the time and had no idea how rare it was. Later I made a deal with the bike shop owner for a few frames and a set of forks. Well it turns out the forks were these rare candy gold "friends and family" color. I asked the owner if he still had the frame, but he had sold it a few years prior. Anyway, I asked if he could contact the buyer of the frame and ask if they would be willing to sell it. Lucky for me the frame was for sale. So long story short I put this frame and fork back together after it had been parted for a few years. I had no idea how else to build this f/f set up, other than to take it over the top with all gold parts. So here she is, #GOLDDUSTWOMAN, named by a close friend. I hope you guys like the bike, I am stoked on how it turned out.

Parts breakdown:

Frame: Candy Gold, 26" Gary Littlejohn cruiser

Fork: Candy Gold, 26" Gary Littlejohn cruiser

Bars: Gold, Inter-Am flat track

Stem: Gold, Tuf Neck square corner (tiger stamped)

Headset: Gold, Hatta MX-100

Saddle: Black, Brooks B72

Seat Post: Gold, Laguna aluminum layback

Seat clamp: Gold, Suntour

Rims: Gold, Ukai box 26x1.75

Hubs: Sachs 2 speed automatic / 1st gen Phil Wood

Chain ring: Gold, Takagi 41t

Spider: Chrome, Takagi MX

Cranks: Chrome, Takagi MX 185mm

Bottom bracket: Hatta 28t

Pedals: Gold, Rat Trap

Tires: Black, 26" Cheng Shin snakebelly 26x2.125

Grips: Black, Ame Super Soft

Submitted by route66

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