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1974 Gary Littlejohn 26

1974 Gary Littlejohn 26

26 version of early Gary frame

This is a bike that my partner in crime for Genuine Bicycle Products built before we started making our own bikes to get some practice in. He made a copy of the early Gary Littlejohn 20" BMX from the mid 70's. We moved on to our own frames and the thing got stripped of parts and tossed in his yard like many a bike. There is sat for a couple of years. I asked him if he still had it and Jim said he did so I began a build for it that would be "era correct" if such a bike were to have really existed. I used Worksman hoops and laced heavy duty spokes into a Schwinn High flange hub and a Bendix red band coaster brake. I used Sting Ray cranks and chain ring and some generic rat trap pedals. The stem is Wald as are the bars that someone welded a cross member in back in the day. The seatpost is a piece of frame remnant that we welded together while we are building our own frames one day. Tires are newer take offs from a customer's bike. Seat scabbed from an old 70's ten-speed. Fork is a newer J & B importers fork that we like to call the "death fork" because about 50% fail. Watch it! The bike rides really nice but because of the wheels is so heavy, it takes a while to get it going. We've been calling it the "Gary Littlejim". 

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