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1981 Gary Littlejohn 16

1981 Gary Littlejohn 16

My wheelie machine

This is my 1981 Gary Littlejohn pit bike I bought one of these direct from the factory in 81` and had a blast with it . My local track had a pit bike class in which I raced which was super fun but brutal. If you`ve ever tried to go balls out through an entire track on a pit you know what I mean it`s alot of spinning, LOL. I have a couple of these and had been wanting to build on for a long time so I did. It has all the parts I want on it except for the rims, I like spokes I have one blue araya 7X rear and need a front. The Tuffs are 1981 date coded, there just not my thing and there all I`ve got so I`ll use them for now. This bike is a blast to ride and looks like a pit should it`s proportional no goofy pro bars and cranks that are too long. Anyhow here`s the parts list and thanks for looking.

1981 Gary Littlejohn F/F all original decals intact

1982 GT expert bars unknurled

NOS Bullseye bottom bracket in blue

NOS Sugino cranks 152mm

NOS MKS pedals

Sugino 39t chainring

Pro neck round corner

Shot Gun seat

GT round stamp seatpost

1981 Skyway tuff I`s

SR seat clamp

Shimano tourney rear brake and lever

Ame grips        

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