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G.A.C. (2009–2009)

The company Garate, Anitua y Cia = G.A.C. (Garate Anitua & Co.) was found in 1892 at Eibar, Guipuzcoa province, Basque Country, Spain. They were originally manufacturers of firearms, pistols in particular, which of their most popular was their 7.65 caliber model "La Lira" which was a copy of the Mannlicher.
After the World War 1 the company began looking for new ideas and markets. Eulogio Garate Osoro who was a great fan of cycling took over and converted the fire arm line of production to production of bicycles.
Also, in 1927 Eulogio Garate, Hermogenes Larrañaga and Eulogio Bustindui founded the G.A.C Cycling Club that organized races throughout the century all over Spain. One of the most well known event that derives from those early days is the Euskal Tour. In the 60's G.A.C. went into to the motorcycle business with the license to manufacture the french "Mobylette" that quickly become very popular allover Spain. In the 70's the company was the employee of nearly thousand workers and moved to bigger and better production facilities.
After difficulties with ownership and loosing their license to manufacture the Mobylette the G.A.C. went out of business by the late 90's.

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