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1980 Fuji Feather Professional

1980 Fuji Feather Professional

Assembled from all original finish parts.

This Fuji Feather Professional was assembled over the last couple of years from all original finish parts. Almost everything is a catalog correct part with the exception of the spokes and chain which are new. The only parts missing would be the front brake and reflectors which I have but decided not to put on.

Submitted by bloud

  • Race
  • Company: Fuji
  • Model: Feather Professional
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Frame Size: 12 ½” Angle 71° x 64° Frame: FUJI chrome molybdenum steel tubing BMX Fork: Chro-moly steel tubing BMX Handlebars: Black aluminum Stem: SUGINO HP-G1 forged alloy Brakes: DIA COMPE #890 side pull Cranks: SUGINO Mighty Tour BMX Front Sprocket: SUGINO 44t Rear Sprocket: SUNTOUR BMX 16t freewheel Chain: ½”x1/8″ BMX (ventura new) Pedals: MKS BM-1 Steel Rims: UKAI alloy 20′x1.75″ BMX Hubs: SUNSHINE BMX large flange forged alloy Tires: SILVER STAR Competition II 20″x2.125 x1.75″ Saddle/Seat: "Fuji" FUJITA seamless sports Seat Post: BMX alloy Grips: MACH grips Weight: 24lbs (est.)

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