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Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, Freed Bikes was born out of a passion for BMX freestyle in 2012. We founded our company with a simple principle: “Riders First”. Our mission is to provide the highest quality & best priced parts in the industry, backed with over-the-top customer service. Currently, we manufacture frames, handlebars, forks, & sprockets which are all designed & handmade in the USA. There is a difference. All of our parts are built to the last - guaranteed. 

We also carry a wide range of soft goods. Our shirts are designed with riders in mind - lightweight and breathable. Our hats and beanies are super high quality & made for street. We are always looking for the freshest stuff out there, & adding new merch all of the time. 

All of our parts & apparel can be purchased directly from our online store, as well as from our authorized dealers. 

As dedicated as we are to high quality parts, we are equally dedicated to being a positive brand. Our team members are some of the best riders out there as well as all around great guys. We believe in giving back to our communities, and supporting people, companies & organizations that focus on the growth & success of the BMX industry. Everybody that works with Freed, or for Freed, has a background & passion for BMX & we plan to keep it that way. We are proud to be able to support the passion of our team & the entire BMX community!

Welcome to Freed Bikes.

A lot of people have been asking, “What makes a FREEDom frame different from other frames?”

All of our frames are designed & manufactured in America, but what does that really mean? First, it starts with the highest quality materials available. Every frame is made with American 4130 Super Therm chromoly tubing. After all the tubing is cut & bent, it gets welded together by some of the most experienced welders in BMX. Welding is a critical step, & you can literally see & compare the quality of welds on frames.

For Freed frames, if there is a quality issue during the welding process, the piece is scrapped rather than remolded. From there, each frame is sent off to paint, & gets coated in a waterproof ED paint to help fight rust. All frames come with removable gyro tabs & brake mounts to accommodate all disciplines of riding.

The easy alternative would have been to order frames in bulk from a catalogue overseas, but we needed a product that we could truly stand behind, so there really was only one choice for us. To us, strength is the most important factor because it translates to safety. BMX is a dangerous sport as it is, we feel it is our responsibility to offer the strongest products possible over focusing on a profit. Unique colors and sticker arrangements are cool & trendy, but that doesn’t affect the strength, & at the end of the day the quality of the frame itself is what matters. Whether you are about to grind down a handrail, or try & clear the box jump for the first time, you need to be confident that your frame will withstand the impact.

One of the biggest challenges with manufacturing in America is the price. If our frames were to go through traditional distribution, they would retail for $400+. Because we provide our own distribution throughout the United States, we can offer a competitive price to the frames made overseas.

When you buy a FREEDom frame, you aren’t just buying one of the strongest frames in BMX, but you are buying peace of mind, knowing your frame will hold up to whatever you throw at it. We are so confident in the quality of our frames that we are now offering a Lifetime warranty.

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