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2001 Free Agent Speedway

2001 Free Agent Speedway

 This is a 2001 Speedway I pic'd up last year for a decent price on ebay...I'm plannin' to set it up for dirt-vert & trail ridin'...She's gonna take a side-seat to my '03 GT KarkassProject but I still hope to hav'er ready to roll by spring/summer '07 but I'm on a tight bike-buildin' budget so it's crossed fingers at this point...I should have some new progress pics to post by late jan early feb so be sure to check back...C-y'all later.


  BTW: Jus'tried to post this Chrome FreeAgent F&F I have under Name the Frame for any clues of Year & Model but I couldn't figure out how to post the pic???!!!

 So I guess I'll post here....So du'z anyone here know the year/model???

 I noticed it has rear brake cable stay for centerpulls & small tri-plates for gusset support...I was told by the seller that it was a Speedway but it kinda looks like an Expert?!...But I Dunno.

2nd BTW: Anyone know if these frames are 1" or 1 & 1/8" headset??? 



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