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2006 Free Agent Speedy 16

2006 Free Agent Speedy 16

THe Speedy is the perfect bike for the little rider who won't be little for long. Raise the seat, take off the training wheels, and get as much as two more years of use!

My son's first bike. We gave it to him for Christmas of '06. This is the bike that caused me to get my cruiser. The bike is stock except for the T.H.E. Seat/seatpost combo and the removal of the bell, chainguard, and training wheels. I put the seatpost/seat combo on it so he'd have more room at the track between his butt and the seat. The stock seat is about 1.5" higher when lowered as far as it goes. Funny thing about the new seat is when I went to buy it, the guy at the shop told me they didn't make them in that size. Since I'd done my research, I knew they did. The first one he found was the carbon fiber one which they wanted $80 for. Not for a bike that was going to be ridden only until I found a suitable mini. Anyway, he was astonished to find a regular one for $20. Grant has a great time riding this around our complex and at the track. He really wants a GT since his initials are GTS.

Submitted by muphasta

  • All-Around
  • Company: Free Agent
  • Model: Speedy
  • Wheel Size: 16"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Only change to the bike is the seat and removal of the bell, chain guard, and training wheels