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1984 Fox Factor F1 4-Styler

1984 Fox Factor F1 4-Styler

Extremely Rare (Fox Factor) F1 4-Styler made in The UK .

Released in 1984 The Fox Factor F1 4 Styler was the only British Made (Fox Factor) frame. it was made from Reynolds 531 & was solid the UK by Fox Factor Ltd who were an offshoot of J&B Associates Ltd. J&B associates ltd were the MT Racing UK distributor based in Ashford Kent. 

 You can see at the bottom of the few 4 styler adverts that were put out that they have the same address as J&B on their MT adverts... In the U.K J&B re-branded MT Racing's products & sold them under the name of (Fox Factor). I haven't been able to find out why but it could be as simple as there was another company already in the UK called (MT Racing) & had trademarked or Registered the name making to difficult to sell MT Products under that name ... 

 In 1984 MT Racing still didn't have a freestyler in their range (they were all race bikes) which would have been an issue for J&B as freestyle was about to explode & they had nothing to sell , so as a result it appears that they employed Lynx Engineering at their Hastings workshop to build them a standalone freestyle frame from Reynolds 531 tubing to add in to their UK Range thus giving them a freestyle option to sell here in the until the MT Trick Fox was released in 1985/6 . 

 The 4 styler was first featured in (BMX Action Bike Nov 1984) as a competition prize, it was yellow & sported MT Silver fox decals & it was referred to as the (Trick fox) ... The frames were partnered & sold with MT Racing Super Fox Forks Made By Akisu from 4130 Cromo Tubing . Nobody knows why they didn't also have forks made in Kent as they were advertised as being made from Reynolds 531 in the test & write ups of the time (even slagging off 4130 )... which is ironic. 

 Im guessing as the Super fox had great (oversized forks) & by using these forks with MT’s signature & distinctive drop outs that it would have tied the 4 styler in with the rest of the MT or (Fox Factor) range for the year. Also as I've worked for bike & Sports distributors in the past its clear to me that they would have potentially had relationships not only with MT racing but also their frame manufacturer (Akisu) so it might have just been the easy option to get the forks supplied from them.

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