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2008 Formula Nucleus

2008 Formula Nucleus

Sons new flavor

Decided to try something new again and i think we found it. 21" top tube seemed to fit just right with a 15" rear. The geometry seems to fit my son really well. He tried Bombshell forks and tried the Scythe forks and wasnt real happy. He decided to grab my Drive Forks and that was the ticket. Slapped on some Chris King hubs and Went all out on the DXR cranks an added Ceramic Bearings to see if he would turn the bike just a hair faster. Still cant figure out if a hair was worth 50 bucks a bearing but it sure does spin like no other. For an added touch check out the polished bottom bracket. Only a few people have caught it!! We decided with a white frame to try out the TRP brakes with Carbon Lever (was very impressed with feel) Polished Chris King Headset. Profile Acoustic Polished Stem, Thomson Elite seat post, Targent saddle, quick release Clamp. Im am really impressed with the overall performance, great for speed, manualing and jumping and i hate to say it but with this frame he is atleast 3 to 4 seconds faster than on the Podium or S-7 Supercross.

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