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2007 FMF Pro Carbon XXL

2007 FMF Pro Carbon XXL

ProXXL with FIVE pieces of Carbon. Bought this as a little restoration project. One day I will get to it...

A little rough around the edges.. I picked this up as-is with intentions to restore it. I have tons of FMF stuff, so I figured I can swap out rusty bolts etc. 

(I finally got to restoring it! April 2020 quarintine!!)

I live in Hawaii so I had the bike shipped to my Mom's house, where it is sitting in a shed in Louisiana... I can't wait to get back and ride/restore this amazing bike. 

I was told by the seller that this is the only Pro XXL bicycle that he has ever seen “that is under 15lbs”, and if it is, it would be the lightest Pro XXL I have ever seen as well. 

Weight: "Less-than-15lbs" (with eggbeater pedals)

Frame: FMF Carbon Pro XXL

Forks: SINZ Pro Lite Carbon (previous owner snapped the original carbon forks)

Cranks: FMF Pro-Stroke Carbon, 175mm 

Pedals: Stock FMF (pictured)

Bars: FMF carbon-wrapped aluminum

Saddle: FMF hollow Titanium rails

Seatpost: FMF carbon

Brakes: FMF V-brake and FMF lever

Hubs: FMF aluminum hubs - Ti Spokes / Alloy Nipples

Rims: FMF Team Powermoto (FMF Carbon Front rim coming soon)

Chainring: FMF Stock 40t original

Stem: FSA 53mm

Chain: Full link, hollow pin, 3/32"

Rubber: Intense Hustler tires w/ extra light tubes

Submitted by jbridgemiii

  • Race
  • Company: FMF
  • Model: Pro Carbon
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 22"
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"