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1976 FMF Team Replica

1976 FMF Team Replica

Red Rover, Red Rover

Been working on this one for awhile.  I acquired the frame on ePay and picked up the forks and some other bits here on the museum.  I tried hard to stick to the '76-'77 era on this one.  The frame finish & decals are og.  The anodize and condition of frame is just beautiful.  No brake bridge on this old frame, it's coaster brake time!.  I hope you like it, 'cause I sure do!


Parts List:

'76 FMF Team Replica Frame

Redline Nickel Forks

FMF Seat Post

70's Schwinn "S" Seat Clamp

Ashtabula OPC

Addicks Sprocket

Addicks Spider / Bolts

Wald Pedals

Araya 7B's

Bendix / Shimano Hubs

Race Inc. "Tall" Bars

Cebe "double clamp" Stem

Hunt Wilde Grips

Unicanitor Leather Saddle


Submitted by Leviathan

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