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1976 FMF Team Replica

1976 FMF Team Replica

Old Red Racer

I was excited to find this old gem on FleaBay a few weeks ago.  Most of the parts used are from the era but I sold my 7b's one week too early so these 7c's will have to do, for now. This frame did not have a brake brace from the factory, one was added BITD so this is one of the first Race Inc. frames made, built for FMF in 1976.  The finish & head decal are original.  The Ano has survived well but she has a few scratches on her.  That doesn't bother me at all, I was glad just to find one to add to my Bastain collection.   


Parts List:


FMF Frame - Red Ano.

Race Inc LE fork

Race Inc bars

Tuf-Neck - Unstamped

Laguna grips

'77 Matex saddle

Suntour clamp

Sugino sprocket

Shimano cranks

Shimano brakes

Shimano hubs

Araya rims

Mathauser shoes

Union Rat-Trap pedals

Rad Pads




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