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1976 FMF Team Replica

1976 FMF Team Replica

My race bike i raced in San Bernardino

I had this bike built in Loma linda. I believe i was the only one in San Bernardino to have one at the time. I raced it in devore on the first day the track opened. Before that i raced a modified schwinn were the cross town freeways are now. I believe that track was one of the first. we jumped over mud puddles!  Anyway the bike was red and yellow. ashtebula 7 1/2 inch cranks with white nylon sprocket. ashtebula goose neck. as far as the brakes go, i cant remember if it had a brake bridge or not. i really don't know the names of other stuff. i think oakley grips. i trophyed evey time i raced. I remember in the first track racing against the big kawasaki teams and smoking them. Bike was stolen in Sacramento about 3 years later. I want to recreate the bike somehow and need help. i just bought a frame and want to go from there. Any help would be awesome. advice, parts maybe we raced together.

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