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1979 Flying Rhino

1979 Flying Rhino

1979 Flying Rhino (a.k.a Axe-blade) - non-serialized. This frame and fork is thought to be Carl Burris's original prototype from Shimano/Tange.

Carl Burris Prototype


After much more research this is being dated further back to 1979 per conversations with Carl Burris who is believed to be the original owner/rider of this frame and fork. He receive his F/F in 1978/79; exact dates are hazy at this point. 

I've also added a picture of its current state which is a Carl Burris tribute/recreation based on the few surviving photos.


I initially filed this under the Rhino section, however, after being led to the April 1981 edition of BMX Plus magazine, I'm quite certain this is a Flying Rhino (a.k.a the Rhino Axe-blade) made by Tange. The reviews for these frames with the Tange TRX forks were fantastic and said to have been some of the best handling frames of their time. I've included a picture of the bottom to show there was never a serial number there where other frames have them. I now wonder if this is an early prototype. I have also included a picture of my original Axeblade from the 80's. One of the only surviving pictures.

The story continues. After further research, I was able to get in contact with Carl Burris, former rider for team "Flying Rhino". Given the proximity of where this frame was found and that it is not serialized, it is possible this is Carl's prototype frame and fork from back in the day. It could also be his former teammates Larry Ruiz (unfound at this point). Also, I have changed the year to 1980 from 1981 as this is when Carl was racing with this frame.

Given these event, this bike has turned into a Carl Burris tribute bike. 

This frame is currently under restoration. Currently I do not plan to have it rechromed. The condition you see is "as found". 

Submitted by bloud

  • Race
  • Company: Flying Rhino
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Prototype Frame Shimano/Tange cooperative

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