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Flying Rhino(1979–1985)

Unique frame, looks like a kuwahara, has indents in tubes.
Submitted b daniel T Larson:
 1979/1980 Tange Aero dynamics & Tioga joinded forces with Kuwahara as sister co's. To Re design the on going problems with the KE/KE-1 Modle. ''KUWAHARA'' was having a lot of problems with the 4 hole single Gusset cracking on the KE/KE-1 Modle.Tange Aero dynamics & Tioga made a lighter stronger frame with a Double 4 hole Gusset with the KE/KE-1 design in mind. And they put a twist on ever thing using Chromium MolyBoenum Steel for strength.They fluted the top/Down tub's and they made the tubes leading to the drop out's & center down tub ''oval'' some what calling this ''co-mo Butted tubing. They kept the ''Kuwahara'' Drop out's with the 3 hole design.Calling the new bike a ''Rhino 3 ''the name Rhino for strength. The 3 in the name signifed Kuwahara,Tange,tioga.All 3 technology's applied. All in all the bike came out great. But after time Kuwahara went with a new modle in turn this brought kuwahara in to the KZ/KZ-1 modles. The Flying Rhino is a True Museum Piece. This bike layed the ground work for KUWAHARA and gave them inspiration to go forward with Tange to the KZ/KZ-1 modles & many other co's in the BMX world.Took a good hard look at the Technology kuwahara & Tange were using at the time..... It's Truly one of a kind...... BMX Bike....