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2005 Flybikes Mosca

2005 Flybikes Mosca

Brown-N-Pink Mosca!

One of my favorite New School builds that I'll most definitely keep and ride.  Pieced together over past few years waiting to find color matching parts on closeout.


FRAME:              FLY Bikes - Mosca
FORK:                FLY Bikes - Pantera
BARS:                FLY Bikes - Pantera
STEM:                HOFFMAN - Mid-school Top Loader
GRIPS:              FLY Bikes - Rueben
BRAKE:              FLY Bikes
LEVER:              ODYSSEY - Monolever - Ltd Edition Pink
CRANKS:           PROFILE - 175mm
SPROCKET:       PRIMO - 25t
CHAIN:              MECHANIK
PEDALS:            EASTERN - Plastic
FRONT WHEEL: ODYSSEY Hazard Lite Rim laced to ODYSSEY Hazard Hub
REAR WHEEL:    SHADOW CONSPIRACY Stun Rim Laced to KHE Geisha Freecoaster Hub
TIRES:               ODYSSEY - Frequency G Klyte Tanwalls
SEAT:                DEMOLITION - D-Lite
POST:               PROMAX - Alloy
CLAMP:             WE THE PEOPLE - Supreme Seat Clamp

Submitted by thug1971

  • All-Around
  • Company: Flybikes
  • Model: Mosca
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"