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2018 Fit Dugan 1

2018 Fit Dugan 1

This is my sons first real or high end bike. I was the same age as he is when I got my first big time bike. This bike is definitely unique with the raw finish and a translucent gold clear coat. 

He wanted this bike something fierce. He had this bike as his wallpaper on his phone and still does. It was the one thing he wanted most for Christmas. I pulled it off and kept the surprise under wraps. I was telling him that I couldn't find one anywhere which was kinda true. I had to put a order in for it. New school bikes are definitely not in my wheel house and then to learn about the left side drive and the story behind it was a pretty cool.

 Just updated with a cpl pictures of the bike since my son and I changed the look a little bit so it doesn't look like the others. Check out the metalllica ride the lightning tribute pedals and stem. We also put a set of blue fit savage grips on it .


Submitted by Jettn25

  • All-Around
  • Company: Fit Bike Co.
  • Model: Dugan 1
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: Internal
  • Details 2018 fit bike co. Dugan signature bike. Full chromoly ff and bars Fit bars Fit stem Fit seat Fit cranks 170mm Fit 25t sprocket Fit tires Odyssey twisted wedge pedals

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