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2003 Fit Van Homan

2003 Fit Van Homan

Spare Parts Street Build

This is the first generation Fit Van Homan frame, and I built it up using some cool mid-school spare parts I had around the shop. Front end is a pair of mid-school Haro forks, Primo Casket stem and Trek Subvert bars. Seating is a Primo Rod with a Primo Pentagon seat and Haro two-bolt seatpost clamp. The drivetrain is a pair of polished Primo Powerbites, a Kink 39t sprocket, DK Iron Cross magnesium pedals and a Shadow Conspiracy half-link. Wheels are some stock Specialized 48 spoke wheels I had on hand. 14mm Specialized hubs laced to Alex aluminum rims, Primo V-Monster on the back and a Primo Wall on the front. Brakes are an Odyssey Modulever paired with an SST Oryg and Tektro U-brake. It has a Primo sealed oversize bottom cup and a pair of Fusion pegs on the right side.

I stripped this frame (and forks and even the seatpost) down to raw and then laid over a clearcoat. I polished out the Kink sprocket and the Primo cranks before installing, and this bike is pretty much built for mid-school street and park. The Modulever, bars stem and detangler were all NOS before I installed them, so they are all mint. Overall, I'm very happy with the way this bike turned out. Has some great geometry going, and built to take a thrashing...

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