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2001 Fit Aitken S1

2001 Fit Aitken S1

Project #2 completed at last

Took me long enough but it was worth it.  this project evolved several times before i got it just right. funny how i started with a complete bike 1 by 1 changing out all the used parts with brand new 1s until i ended up with this.  only used parts are the bars and crank but in great condition.  frame was professionaly painted by me.  1 of my best paint jobs i might add along with my PK.   the parts are as follows:

frame: Fit Sr1

forks: Demolition Concorde

front rim: Weinmann 32h double wall silver eastern sealed hub black spokes nipples

rear rim: Weinmann 36h double wall silver eastern bi-rectional set to left side drive black spokes and nipples

tires: Revenge industries Fatty

cranks: Redline Proline 10 spline Sealed

Stem: Eastern Choker 3 with carbon spacers

bars: Redline Forklifter

lever: Eclat swift lever

Cable: Shadow conspiracy

calipers: Odessey evolver with purple Koolstop pads

chain: DK EXO chrome (first picture shows shadow half link)

sproket: Animal vinnie lite (Sprocky Balboa)

grips: Animal Edwin De Larosa with purple jive donuts

seat: Shadow Conspiracy pivotal w/ macniel 330 pivotal post

Bar ends: Shadow Conspiracy

axel nuts: Shadow Conspiracy

chain tensioners: Redline

headset: Fsa Pig DH Pro sealed

what started out as my next jumping bike turned into a carpet queen oh well lol.  my next 1 wont be so nice so i dont worry scratching it.


did a full revamp on this 1 decided that 34 lbs was just too heavy even for a show bike.  since first posting the bars stem forks sprocket seat and post pedals  brake cable and lever are new.  now she is down to a modest 27 lbs still robust but thats due to the tripple wall rims.  next goal is to get purple ano rims and lose about 3 more lbs and add 20 lbs worth of sweetness



ok finally updated the pics as it is now with the new jive nut donuts and the brand new rims i got from Advan.


i changed the purple shadow conspiracy chain to a DK Exo half link  the purple on purple was too much i think this balanced it out nicely.  


as of 7:30 pm pst this bike is officially no more.  i parted out and built up a 2007 eastern grim reaper.  the frame will remain in my collection the redline cranks and animal seatclamp will be sold.  check out my bikes to see my grim reaper

  • Dirt Jump / Trail
  • Company: Fitbikeco.
  • Model: Aitken S1
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"