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Fishbone (1995–2002)

Back in the epic 80's Fishbone founder Jackie rode for Haro as well as Team GT, his passion for freestyle riding along with his working relationships with such brands as Haro, GT, Redline, Mongoose, Odyssey, & exc. are what led him to invent the very first Fishbone product which was the Fishbone X-UFO Extreme rotor which led to more concepts & designs for the Fishbone brand. Fishbone was founded in 1995 in Taiwan & quite contrary to what some have believed Fishbone is not part of the Mongoose brand. Fishbone did assist Mongoose however in 1998 with the Dennis McCoy DMC Pro creating the Big Bone seat & seat post which came out on the 1998 DMC Pro's. Also he manufactured the Mosquito BMX which was first seen at a bike show in Taiwan in 1996 and from what I have gathered in a one off bike. Fishbone brand was from 1995-2002...

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