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2007 FBM Bitchin' Camaro

2007 FBM Bitchin' Camaro

Super sweet new school race

I’ll start by saying that this build wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the legend that is John Lee over at FBM, so a massive thanks to him for taking the time to source me the OEM paint code etc. It never ceases to amaze me just how friendly and helpful people are in the US and the UK when it comes to building bmx.

Everything that needs to be said about these bikes has been said by the other guys on here and thanks for the inspiration as well btw.  It is the best bike I own and rides as well as everybody says.

I hope you like it.

Frame: 21.25” FBM Bitchin Camaro

Paint Colour: Prismatic Industries P4117B Baby Blue Sparkle (if you want some and you’re UK based, PM me as I have loads left!!!)

Paintwork: By the superlative Superbike Dan at

Decals: Courtesy of Mr Lee at FBM and Mark Fitzpatrick

Fork: S&M XLT

Handlebars: S&M XLT

Grips: ODI

Lever: Paul Love Lever

Cable: Gusset Linear Slic

Stem: S&M XLT

Headset: Salt (campy style 45:45)

Bottom Bracket: Profile

Crankset: Profile 175mm with Ti flush bolts

Spindle: Ti spindle

Pedals: Shimano DX

Sprocket: FBM Race 28T

Chain: KMC

Seatpost Clamp: Profile

Seat: S&M Thin Seat

Hubs: Profile Mini with Ti driver

Rims: Bombshell Evolution

Tires: Tioga Comp X (fat ‘n’ thin combo)

Brake: Shimano DXR

Chain Tensioners: Profile

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