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1983 Falcon Pro Aero Flyer

1983 Falcon Pro Aero Flyer

Cheap British Allrounder

This is the second bike I built/restored since getting back into BMXing a year ago. I picked the frame and forks up realy cheaply of the bay in a bad way after spending several years in someones back garden. These were cheap to mid range bikes built in England in the 80's. Falcon has been going for over 100 years and own several bike companies, with their flagship one being Claude Butler. This would've been a more race based allrounder but as I only had a frame and forks and loads of spares left over from the MRD Badlander build, the bike ended up as a freestyler!
I restored the frame myself and fixed all the damage on the wheels before getting them powdered. I never intended it to end up so colour co-ordinated but one thing led to another and you know how it goes! It has certainly caused mixed opinions over here but I built it for fun and she's light, quick and handles parks and street with ease and puts a smile on my face every time I take her out. Job done! Hope you like her.............SADLY NOW SOLD!

Submitted by renegaderacer

  • All-Around
  • Company: Falcon
  • Model: Aero Flyer
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details * 1983 Falcon Pro Areo Flyer frame and forks in survivor condition * Custom Areo Flyer decals by Delcals * Beartrap II headset * NOS Tioga SB220 sealed bottom bracket * NOS Pro-Landar hollow tubular crank * GT Pro Bars * Self designed pads * Stem pad converted by me to take two brake cables for the Rotor, like the Skyway pads * AME round blue and red grips * NOS Blue Tech 4 MX123 left hand lever * Restored Red Tech 4 MX124 right hand lever * NOS red and blue KKT AMX pedals * Restored ACS stem * NOS ACS Rotor * Red and blue brake cables * NOS Dia Compe cable guides * YBN red and blue chain spliced together * NOS Takagi chainring * Red chainring bolts * Red and blue re-pop MX seat clamps joined together * NOS Shimano freewheel * NOS Meng Jing layback seatpost * Kashi Aero fake seat * NOS Raleigh 1020 blue caliper * Restored Raleigh 1020 red caliper * NOS Vans brake blocks * Raleigh Burner frame protectors on back brake * Custom Falcon Pro dice dust caps * GT hubs originally on my Badlander, re-chromed with powdered flanges by SuperBikeDan and new decals by Delcals * Early Sun Mistral rims restored and powdered red and blue by SuperBikeDan with decals by Delcals * Wheels rebuilt with red and blue spokes * Duro Comp ST tyres * Old school chain adjusters * Belvin pegs * Replica Haro plate

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