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Faction Bike Co. (2002–2014)

So, quickly explain your background in the BMX business…

KEITH: My brothers Kevin, Paul and I have been involved in BMX as riders since 1982. Paul and I used to test frames for OT Bikes, who later became Rebel Bikes. We organised demos, comps and race meetings right through the 80s, then we designed and built the Shrewsbury Skatepark in ‘88, where we continued running our events though the 90s. The skatepark was a non-profit club set-up which was the first of its kind in the UK. Paul and I had our Skate and BMX shop Subculture from ‘89 till 2006.

How long have you been working on Faction as a bike company?
The three of us formed Faction Bike Co in 2007, but we started seeking funding for the first prototypes and spending our own cash on it in 2002.

So then – what’s next for Faction Bike Co and 22 inch bikes?
We’ve always said since day one we will always be a 100% 22” only bike company, and we will only make innovative products and strive for the highest quality. We don’t have a problem with 20” or 24” bikes or brands, we just believe in 22” bikes more and we only want to make products that we believe in. We are developing a full race spec version 22” and hopefully some signature frames with our team riders, focusing on each field of BMX riding. I’m hoping we can design more new rim and tyre options soon as well, with possibly more complete bikes as we go along.

To find out more about Faction and their 22″ bikes, check out their Facebook Page.

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