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f-bom (2011–2012)

In short, f-bom products is a company that is focusing on rebuilding bicycle manufacturing in the United States. Far too many bicycle companies outsource their manufacturing to Taiwan and China. It's not only about manufacturing very high quality U.S. Made bicycle products, it's also about helping educate the consumer on why it's a good idea to support companies who believe in keeping it as local as possible. Not only does outsourcing greatly harm our economy, it also has great environmental impact too. Read this blog about"Bunker Fuel"to learn more.

The owner of f-bom products, Shad Holland, started the company in April of 2011 shortly after leaving Quality Bicycle Products. One of his major frustrations with his former employer was how they mislead consumers into thinking their in-house bicycle brands like All-City, Surly, and Salsa were small companies that were more or less run by a few hardcore riders. The truth is that those brands are all QBP owned brands and all of the products are manufactured in Taiwan.

After leaving QBP, Shad decided that it was time for change. Time for a true home bred and small bicycle company designed and built by hardcore riders like himself. Along with that, Shad had a mission to leverage the world wide web to help better educate the consumer about the outsourcing problem in the bicycle industry today and the damage it is causing to our economy and environment.

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