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1999 EBCo Coup De Etat

1999 EBCo Coup De Etat

Made in Eugene Oregon

Threw this thing together with spare parts. Was the personal frame of an ebco rider. Was gonna restore and fix dents, but decided against it. Just wanted to leave it how it is.

Frame- EBCo coup de etat
Fork- 2 hip
Bars- s&m slam bars
Headset- solid needle bearings
Bar ends- odyssey
Grips- ODI
Cranks- primo hollowbites
Sprocket- primo 44
Pedals- odyssey pc
Seat- macneil
Clamp- primo
R wheel- poverty hub laced to Alex Supra E
R tire- bell vertster
F wheel- primo pro laced to a hula hoop
F tire- primo dirtmonster

Submitted by Blackbikev2dalton

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