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1976 Emory Mojave Giant 26

1976 Emory Mojave Giant 26

Double Bar

I mistakenly clicked the wrong Craigslist city listing and by chance saw a posting for a '76 Emory 26" cruiser in an obscure Texas town.  

Being a cruiser fanatic, I snatched this up as quickly as I saw it, which included a 5 hour round trip drive.

I had to do some research to ID the make and model.  By way of the serial number I learned it's a '76, and via a PlanetBMX YouTube video, I noticed this is the Mohave model.

The couple I purchased it from had just bought this at the estate sale of a farmer and posted it on Craigslist at a price to cheap to pass up.

It is all original including Wald parts - cranks, chain wheel, bars and stem.  The seat is the real deal too.  

The only thing not original are the grips, pedals and wheels.  Do not know about the rims, could go either way.  

I'll have a hard time deciding whether to leave as is or retro-fitting BMX style.

UPDATE: So, I went with a quick BMX fix on this and upgraded with Haro cruiser bars, bear trap pedals and DB seat.  


UPDATE:  So, I was luckily enough to be in contact with Clayton at Aerofast/Emory USA.  I have to give a huge thanks to BluWebco for putting me in contact and turning me on to where I can find some original decals.  As I learned Clayton is part of the founding family of Aerofast/Emory.  In fact, he told me that designed the mold for brake bridge for Emory.  Per our email correspondence here is what he shared with me:

Hey Leonard,
The bike you show, and thanks for sending a photo BTW, is actually an Emory Mojave Giant. It has the wrong chain guard and seat. The chainguard would have been silkscreened with the name Giant on it.
The front badge should be aluminum not a sticker.
Currently in this condition your Giant is worth approximately $ 750.00. Fixed up $ 1,000.00.   

Submitted by TEXMEXBMX

  • Non-BMX
  • Company: Emory
  • Model: Mojave
  • Wheel Size: 26"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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