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1993 ELF Pro Cruiser 24

1993 ELF Pro Cruiser 24

Mid school classic.

Picked up the frame fork, and most of the build parts here on the museum. Wheels are mot permanent but they will do for now. I have an embarrassing amount of bomber pads and this is the only bike these chrome bomber pads have worked on, and they suit this bike better than any others I’ve put on it. All stickers are original. Cool little bike. 

  • Race
  • Company: ELF
  • Model: Pro Cruiser
  • Wheel Size: 24"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details F/F: 93 Elf pro cruiser 24” Bars: DK Cruiser bars Stem: Crupi Cranks: Profile 180 USA stamped, profile spider, Crupi 41T chainring Pedals: 90s odyssey triple trap Seat: Odyssey cobra on GT stamped post Seat clamp: cheapie Brakes: ACS BOA / OG tech 77 Wheels: Mallard hubs on femco hoops Tires: NOS rainbow label Comp III 1.75 Grips: NOS Jive grips Plate: Redline with OG S&M and Sexwax stickers Pad: Bomber chrome