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1993 ELF Doublecross Pro XL

1993 ELF Doublecross Pro XL

“93” Til.. Where it all started for me to have a deep passion with BMX! when I had an ELF! ..2023…Updated parts =D

2023! Finally gettin there!..181 Technique cranks..2023 addition.  You’re my boy Blue! Still updating and riding this pride and joy!!.. Enjoy Elf Bmx community….  :)   Gotta thank the Museum & Chells98.. I purchased F&F from chells98, 93 Elf Double Cross 21.5 If you look back at the bikes I have on here I mentioned on my s&m dirt bike post, around the end of 94 into 95 I sold the Elf to buy my s&m dirt bike although At the time I wasn’t too on the idea to cling on to things but its always a bike that I thought of all the time..  feels good to own this one Thanks to one of my homies that still had my original blast bars A bit small and yup!! Def cut, oh well still nice to have a piece of my old bike on it for now, and jp stem! Some Hot jewelry my buddy had laying around he tossed in my direction! A lot of Jameson shots I bought that night for that one =D. Enjoy Bmxers Thanks for looking.      11-19-19 Some new added touches and changes bike is a blast to ride... 03-30-2020 retro s&m pitch fork added :D. Felt this piece needed to be on the bike to with hold some abuse when I take it to the track and trails. Enjoy my Elf bmx Community. 

  • Race
  • Company: ELF
  • Model: Doublecross Pro XL
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 21.5
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Awesomeness! Ugp bunny plate,10” Aluminum custom Blast bars my buddy built.. TNTstem, 90’sTNT wheel set, blue odigrips! Odyssey Pitbull brake setup & Triple traps,s&m retro pitch fork! JP.44T sprocket 2022.. Elf seat, Elf tensioners, Blue axle nuts..