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1998 Dyno Air

1998 Dyno Air

I challenged myself to make the cheapest build I could with this bike, and this is what came out!

I decided to challenge myself to make the cheapest build I could by buying the cheapest frame for sale on the museum and using a bunch of extra random/cheap parts I had lying around, and this is what it looks like! When I was looking for the frame, this happened to be the cheapest on here at the time - so I went for it and bought it. Tons of surface rust and the like, which I cleaned up a lot of with some steel wool. Unfortunately, there's some hard to reach places with thicker rust that I couldn't really get with steel wool, so I think I may try the petroleum jelly trick down the line if I'm feeling motivated, but I'm also not too worried about it as of now! I kind of lucked out and had a few random lime-green-ish parts lying around (seat, pedals, grips) that matched the decals on the frame pretty well and bring the bike together nicely, in my opinion. I wasn't even holding onto them for a build or anything, they just happened to all sort of match. Only thing that kind of bothers me about this bike other than the leftover rust, is the mismatched wheelset. Maybe I'll switch out the front with a cheap black wheel down the line, but again, not all that worried about it.

Frame: 1998 Dyno Air
Fork: GT
Stem: Mongoose
Handlebars: Unknown 4-piece bars
Grips: ODI Long Neck
Plugs: Shadow Conspiracy
Brake lever: Tektro
Brake: Taiwan Brake side-pull
Seat post clamp: Unknown double-bolt
Seat post: Dyno
Seat: Velo
Cranks: Unknown 22mm 3-piece cranks
Chainwheel: Profile SS Widow 36t
Pedals: Shadow Conspiracy
Rear wheel: Shengfu w/ 14t freewheel hub
Front wheel: Mongoose
Tires: Maxxis Hook Worm

Thanks for stopping by to check it out!


Submitted by scottrides

  • All-Around
  • Company: Dyno
  • Model: Air
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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